Sexual Assault Law Attorneys in Appleton Wisconsin

Prosecutors, and the general public, consider sex crimes to be some of the most heinous crimes. People tend to forget the presumption of innocence when a person is accused of a crime of this nature. Simply being accused of a sex crime is enough to significantly alter the rest of your life. The experienced criminal defense lawyers at Hogan Eickhoff will zealously represent your interests and protect your freedom. Contact our firm at (920) 450-9800 to schedule a confidential consultation with a seasoned attorney.


Sexual Assault Charges

If you are charged with sexual assault in Wisconsin, you may face first, second, third, or fourth degree charges. The type of charge and potential penalties you face depend on how much force or violence is used, whether you had a weapon during the assault, or other aggravating factors like the age of the victim. Potential charges include:

First degree sexual assault

First Degree Sexual Assault

This crime involves sexual contact or intercourse with another person without his or her consent that causes serious physical injury or pregnancy when the assault was accomplished by the use or threat of violence or the help of another person.

Second degree sexual assault

Second Degree Sexual Assault

This crime can be charged in a variety of circumstances, including if force or violence was used or threatened, the victim suffered an injury or mental anguish, the victim was unconscious, or the victim was a vulnerable person by reason of age or mental incapacity.

Third degree sexual assault

Third Degree Sexual Assault

This crime is charged when there was sexual intercourse or contact that involved intentional urine, feces, or ejaculation of either the defendant or victim for the purpose of sexual humiliation or gratification.

Fourth degree sexual assault

Fourth Degree Sexual Assault

Fourth degree sexual assault is non-consensual sexual contact that involves touching the victim for sexual humiliation or gratification.

Sexual Assault of a Child

If the victim is a child, different crimes may apply. Second degree sexual assault of a child charges may result if a person has sexual contact or intercourse with a child who is not yet 16 years of age. A person can be charged with a Class C felony in this circumstance unless he or she is close to the victim’s age.

A Class A felony charge can result for the crime of first degree sexual assault of a child if the child is under 13 and the defendant causes great bodily harm to him or her. A Class B felony can result if the victim is under 13 or the use or threat of force is employed.

If you commit three or more repeated acts of sexual assault of the same child within a specified period of time, you can be charged with a Class A, B, or C felony.