Part of having a successful criminal defense case is choosing the right lawyer to represent you. It’s a good idea to interview a few different lawyers from different firms like Hogan Eickhoff to help inform your decision. There are few characteristics to look for specifically regarding your attorney’s experience and familiarity with other cases like your own which will indicate if you’ve found the perfect match.

Wisconsin Criminal Defense Lawyers

What Kind of Background Does Your Lawyer Have?

Preferably, your lawyer will have extensive experience representing cases like your own. Criminal defense lawyers tend to specialize in defending clients who have certain charges levied against them, such as drug possession or driving while under the influence. A lawyer with a history of winning cases containing similar charges is a good sign.

In addition to what type of cases your lawyer is used to, it’s wise to get an idea of your lawyer’s background in other areas. Here are more good questions to ask regarding background:

  • How long have you been practicing law?
  • Have you always practiced criminal defense law?
  • Where did you earn your law degree?
  • Do you have any experiences which can help my case specifically?
  • What are some case outcomes you’ve been proud of being able to accomplish?

Is Your Lawyer Familiar with Cases Like Yours?

Your lawyer should be familiar with aspects of your case such as how court proceedings are going to look like and what options you should consider in moving forward.

If your lawyer has defended cases in the courtroom your case will be heard in, or if they are familiar with the prosecutor dealing with your case, all the better. Active lawyers should have a network of resources to dip into while forming a defense like expert testimonies, private investigators and colleagues in their firm to consult with.

Here’s more specific questions you should ask:

  • In your own words, what is the outlook of my case?
  • What elements of my case might work in my favor?
  • What elements work against me?
  • Is it possible to plead my case to a lesser sentence?
  • What will happen if I plead guilty?

What Information Does Your Lawyer Need to Be Successful?

Keep in mind that your lawyer will need considerable documentation to give any accurate assessment of your case. When you meet with a lawyer for a consultation, you’ll likely have to fill out forms for their office and bring documents relating to your case.

This documentation includes:

  • A copy of the police report
  • A list of witnesses, victims or other people involved in the case
  • Any court documents that show your charges, your next court date and any bail paperwork
  • Any documents requested by the lawyer before your consolation

Keep in mind law firms will make sure no one involved in your case has been represented or otherwise involved with their firm to avoid a conflict of interest.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, contact the law professionals at Hogan Eickhoff to ensure your rights are protected. Call (920) 450-9800 to discuss your options and get help regarding your case.