Your choice of criminal defense attorney is crucial to your case. Your freedom is literally on the line, and you should leave no stone unturned in defending the charges filed against you. However, you need to decide on a criminal defense attorney relatively early in your case, perhaps even before you have been charged with a crime. You need to reach the right decision for you in a short amount of time. There are numerous things that you need to consider before you settle on the attorney who will represent you in your case. The criminal defense attorneys at Hogan Eickhoff are here to provide our expert services whenever you need us.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Appleton, WI

Look for a Clear and Convincing Explanation of the Law and the Basics

At some point during your initial consultation, your attorney will explain the basics and the facts of your case. They may have additional research and investigation that they need to do, but they would at least give you a rundown of the law and what you may be facing.

Your attorney should have a detailed command of the law, which shows that they have the experience and the knowledge necessary to defend you. Even though you may not know the law, you should pay very close attention to their presentation and whether they seem to know the law off the top of their head. You do not want an attorney who needs to do homework to sharpen their own basic understanding of the law that would govern your case.

Consider Your Attorney’s Experience

You need an attorney who has the right experience to handle your case. Not every case in the criminal justice system is the same. Your matter may have complex facts, or it may have the potential to go all the way to a jury trial. You would not want to hire an attorney who primarily tries DUI cases if you have been charged with a sex crime.

Always ask your attorney about the cases that they have handled. Seek specific answers to the questions about their experience, as opposed to broad generalizations. Ask questions about the results that they have obtained in their cases.

Consider Your Attorney’s Litigation Style

Every criminal case is important to us. We handle cases both big and small. Each case merits an individualized approach to us, where we will consider your own unique circumstances behind your situation.

Some attorneys may be more aggressive than others in their legal defense and more willing to take your case to trial. Others may be more likely to reach a plea bargain in your case. There is no right or wrong answer. You need to hire an attorney who will work with you and meet your own needs. Most of all, you should have an attorney who is flexible and will take a pragmatic approach to your case.

Either way, you should hire an attorney who is completely confident to take your case to trial if necessary. Not every case is suitable for a plea bargain. The prosecution may lack the evidence that they need to win a conviction. You may have defenses that you can use in your case. At Hogan Eickhoff, we have successfully represented clients at trial, obtaining favorable outcomes in their cases. Our advice to you depends completely on what we know about your case.

Your Attorney Should Be Responsive

The attorney’s fit also extends to how they serve you in your case. Your attorney’s job is multifold in a criminal case. In addition to representing you when facing law enforcement, they must also serve as your guide to the legal process. Part of their role is to be responsive to you when you need them. Your attorney should return your calls and be available to you within a reasonable amount of time when you need them. While your attorney may have other clients, they should also make time for you, knowing that your case is the most important thing in your life.

Look for an Attorney with a Stellar Reputation

Your attorney should have a deep reservoir of credibility with the prosecutor’s office. Our attorneys have successfully dealt with and negotiated with prosecutors since we opened our doors. They know that we are serious and substantive lawyers, and we have built our reputation in the local area. Prosecutors may be more willing to negotiate with attorneys whom they see more often and whom they know will deliver on their word.

In addition, you should also consider the attorney’s reputation in the community in which they serve. We have a long list of testimonials and reviews from clients who have been satisfied with our legal representation. Clients have trusted us to handle their legal defense, and they come back to us if they have multiple criminal cases.

Further, we have practiced law in the local area, and we know the courts here. We have experience with individual judges and prosecutors, and we understand the differences in their styles. Each court and judge may have their own local rules, and your attorney must be familiar with them to provide you with the most effective legal representation.

Select an Attorney Where There is a Right Fit

To be clear, your attorney is here to defend you as opposed to being a friend in your time of need. While you want your attorney to provide you with a legal defense in a compassionate and non-judgmental way, you need to be certain that your attorney is someone you can work with over an extended period of time. You should feel comfortable talking to your attorney, knowing that their job is to represent you.

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