Your Comprehensive And Knowledgeable Felony Defense Attorneys

A felony accusation is a serious and overwhelming thing. The legal process is long and there is a lot on the line, including your reputation, your career, your financial security and sometimes even your freedom. Compared to a misdemeanor, felony crimes are much more serious and the consequences are harsher.

Regardless of your innocence or guilt, everyone accused of a crime deserves representation under the law. Our lawyers at Hogan Eickhoff, Timothy Hogan and Eric Eickhoff, are strongly committed to this principle, and have the expertise and the perseverance to help you through the legal process.

Hogan Eickhoff, can help you in a wide variety of felony charges, including:

  • Drug offenses
  • Domestic violence
  • Burglary
  • False imprisonment
  • Robbery
  • Homicide
  • Sexual assault
  • Substantial or aggravated battery
  • Suffocation/strangulation

Knowledge And Communication Through Every Step

No matter what felony you have been accused of, Hogan Eickhoff, is eager to represent you. We have extensive knowledge of the law and its statutes, and we are committed to using every resource available to build a case for you.

We understand these accusations are overwhelming and frightening, and you will have a lot of questions. Our attorneys will work with you directly to help you understand every step of the process and the long-term consequences for every outcome. In cases like these, communication is just as important as expertise, and we are committed to transparency, honesty and thoroughness with our clients. We will ensure our clients are confident in and knowledgeable about every step we take in your case.

Don't Wait

Felony charges can have serious consequences. In situations like these, it is important to get an attorney as soon as possible. Contact Hogan Eickhoff, today at 920-450-9800 to schedule your free consultation. Or, you can get in touch through email.

Our firm is located in Appleton, Wisconsin, and we represent clients throughout Outagamie, Brown, Winnebago and Calumet counties.